Friday, September 2, 2011

blog moved

i will be still blogging every day this month but i will be on a different blog:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogging Every Day

Blog every day in September. I am unsure about what I am going to write about but today i do have something planned.

Today is my Dads birthday. He is 51 today. My father is very important to me. I know everything he has done for me and I am thankful for it. He has had to endure a lot because of me. I don't know anyone else, besides mom, who can deal with me.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Levi David

Happy birthday to my big brother! He is 24 today. The picture you see is about 15-16 years old. The reason I know is because I was still blond. Anywho, I am not on speaking terms with him at the moment but I will always love my big brother. He may be protective at times but isn't that the way big brothers should be?
I love you Levi.

I am watching On Stranger Tides right now on a stream. It is only a bit in but it is great so far. I am watching it to... well.. watch it but also because I am sleepy and like to keep myself entertained while I type and such.

It has been a busy morning already. Due to a storm early this morning, I awoke at 6 a.m. I did get to say bye to dad who is going to a festival for a few days. Then, I woke up at about 9 or so and took my meds and ate breakfast. I am still stressing about my homework but hopefully, it will all make sense by Monday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working hard, not paying off much

School has been really stressful. I had to write an appeal letter and i guess I am on probation now. It makes me feel like I am doing all of this work for nothing. I was .125 or something like that from a C.... HELLO! -mind explodes-
I have been getting projects done:
  1. Scanned family photos [took 4-5 days]
  2. Converting VHS tapes [in progress]
  3. videos for youtube [constantly in process]
  4. helping aunt Jill move. [will do until done]
  5. Yard Sale at Aunt Jills [weekend before Labor Day]

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So I have Finally...

Decided I should read the Harry Potter books.... Okay, I do confess that I haven't read them. Horrible I know. I would give the 'I was really young when they came out" excuze but when it comes to J.K. Rowling, there are no excuses.

Oh Harry Potter, How I look forward to getting to know ye... for real this time.
But first, I got the Betty White book on CD & will be done with it soon. Also, I am going to start reading all of the True Blood books. My list keeps getting longer and longer.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

RW/RR Challenge: RIVALS Results EP2 [Through The Looking Glass]

Previously, Robin and Aneesa were eliminated, this week will be a boys challenge. As the rules state, the guys who come in last will be sent to The Jungle.
House goings on include partying and Tyree and Jasmine hooking up. Tyler was mad because two of his Magnums were gone. [btw he said he was the only guy who brought condoms... umm don't the other guys know how challenges go? I mean, most of them hook up with someone at some point...]
Clue from TJ reads: Be prepared ofr a smashing good time tomorrow. Be ready at 8:30 a.m. in your team uniforms.

Then they make fun of Mike :( [i love Mike... just sayin']

Challenge is called: Car Crusher
Objective: Drag car from where it is parked with a trac-ho and don't go outside of boundries or pick up car. Also, do not tip the cross bar the car has to go under over on top of car.

Jonna & Jasmine pick order

Tyler & Johnny vs Brandon & Ty: Tyler & Johnny finish and brandon & Ty DQed for picking up the car

Camila & Teresa vs. Mandi & Jen: Camila & Teresa finish and Mandi & Jen go out of bounds to DQ

Wes & Kenny vs. Evan & Neiamiah: Wes & Kenny DQ & Evan & Neiahmia complete

Jonna & Jasmine vs. Sara & Katelynn: Both DQ

Tyrie & Davis vs. CT & Adam: both complete

Ev & Paula vs. Cara Maria & Laurel: Ev & Paula finish Cara Maria & Laurel DQ

Leroy & Mike: Complete

Ev & Paula win for girls: 1,000 dollars a piece
CT & Adam safe

Wes & Kenny vs. Tyrie & Davis in jungle.

Jonna & Jasmine fight with Camila. Jasmine punches a mirror

Jungle: Blast Off
Tyrie & Davis lose.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

RW/RR Challenge: RIVALS Results EP1 [Welcome To The Jungle]

So... last night was the first night of the new Challenge on MTV. Everyone is paired up with rivals and here are the pairings:

Mandi & Jenn
Paula & Ev
Teresa & Camilla
Annesa & Robin
Cara Maria & Laurel
Sarah & Katelynn
Jonna & Jasmine

Now here is the girls recap:
It was girls elimination challenge and they had to jump off of a platform and clear ribbons above a waterfall. Av few DQed. They had to jump before a specific line or they would DQ. From the girls side, Jonna & jasmine won. Paula & Ev were automatically sent to elimination. They would vote on the other pair at deliberation.

The Guys are paired up As follows:

Adam & CT
Johnny & Tyler
Nehemiah & Evan
Davis & Tyrie
Adam R & Leroy
Wes & Kenny
Ty & Brandon

At the challenge, Adam & Leroy won. They each got a thousand dollars a piece because it was girls elimination. After the challenge, Ty & Adam got in a fight and chaos ensued. Adam threw a punch and Mandi was pushed to the ground. Adam was eliminated but Leroy got to stay. before the elimination began, they brought back Mike from Leroy's season to be his partner.

The elimination was called Hands On. They had to balance eachother using their hands as the plank they stood on moved every so often. As the gap became larger, it was more and more painful and difficult to hold on. Aneesa & Robin were eliminated which made Paula & Ev victorious.

This season looks interesting. I am pumped about the concept. Also, I am thankful that TJ Lavin [the host] is okay after a BMX accident. I love to watch the drama unfold and plan on doing these recaps weekly. They may not always be the day after the show airs but I will attempt to keep on track and post them Thursdays

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Been writing

I have been writing up a storm when it comes to poetry. Also, I have to write manuscripts for my speech class. So, I have been able to get some creative energy out.
Grandma is doing well and will hopefully be out of the rehab center within 6 weeks I'm guessing

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


since so much is going on, I will put everything in list for by the day
  1. Grandma fell and broke her leg.
  2. Went to see her and she was restless in a lot of pain
  1. Went to see grandma and she had surgery.
  2. took her a while to come out of it
  3. we were up there for 8 hours or so
  4. Nikki went into labor
  1. Nikki had Gideon
  2. I stayed home
  3. Dad went and saw grandma. She was alert
  4. was supposed to babysit, got rained out
  1. Called grandma, was in high spirits
  2. went to brian and Heidi's [earned 20 dollars]
  3. the 1 & a half year old got sick
  4. campfire
Monday: [yesterday]
  1. Went to great grandma & grandpas grave sites
  2. dad planted flowers at grave
  3. hospital visit for a few hours
  4. saw nana & papa
  5. drove home [went semi okay]
3 tests: 72% 80% 48%
Tuesday: [today so far]
  1. hung up clothes
  2. Dts
  3. dishes
  4. talked to mom
  5. counted change
still need to:
  1. read 3 chapters
  2. talk to teacher about speeches
  3. a few more loads of laundry
  4. clean room

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Born This Way

I got Born this way on Amazon for .99 for the electronic copy. I thought my gift card would taske care of part of it but it wouldn't register. So, I got 4 quarters out for dad, who said i could use his MasterCard. :)
On a more sad note, we got a phone call that Grandma broke her leg this morning. she fell getting out of bed. I am unsure if dad is going to be coming home before going to see her but I want to go to see whats going on. she broke it in 2 places and may need surgery.
I only have a few days of class left before taking a communications class. I have to get the assignments and save them to my computer so that I don't forget. I am going to be super busy the next few days.
Saturday I have to babysit for a few hours.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little worker bee

I have done a lot this morning but the biggest news: I GOT MY PERMIT!
Aunt Jill took me yesterday and I got it. I only missed 6 on the exam when I could have missed 10. On the small quiz on signs i only missed 1 which is good.
right now I am trying to relax a bit. I have a load of laundry in the washer and one that will go in right after. Also, Banana bread is in the oven and it smells SO good. While it has been baking I have started the laundry, gotten things set with my phone, typed this, checked facebook, and I will be studying soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day of rememberance

Grandpa C.
Today is usually a sad day for me but I'm going to try to be in good spirits. Today marks 4 years since my grandfather passed away. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday and the weather wasn't too good but not horrible either. Montana and I wanted to get out of the hospital so we went to her dads for maybe a half an hour and I felt like I needed to call my dad. While the phone was ringing, he was taking his last breath. its kinda weird to think about that. Maybe I had some sort of ESP but I think maybe its because we had gotten so close and with family sometimes, you just have that "feeling".
That year was a bad year for death in general. Devin and Kade passed away on March 19 of that year and today is actually Kades 16th birthday. Devin was 16 when they passed away. It's just really had to stomach sometimes.
Happy birthday bud. <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still yardwork

I have been working with dad in the yard since yesterday. we haven't done anything yet today but I think we are going to burn leaves and stuff. Although, I wish I could have worked in the yard monday it was a bit cold and I was sick. I did some streching and things on Monday though so I have been keeping active.
Josh asked if I wanted to live with him for a while to get a job but nana doesn't think that it is a good idea. she has some points though
i would have to find a place to live after finding a job
find a job
all of that good stuff.
in that town, you can walk everywhere or ride the bus but it would still be a bit difficult.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inconciderate Children

... annoy me. I was out working in the yard yesterday and recording for my video blog and the boys next door climbed onto their side of the fence and started saying things. it wasn't what they said that bugged me but it was the fact that they felt they could look over in our yard and just keep going on and on.
My point is, if it was mom or dad working in the yard, it wouldn't have happened. I understand that they are little but you would expect parents to teach their children some sort of consideration. If my brother and i would have done something like that, my parents would have flipped and made us go apologize.
Also, last night, I heard sirens and they kept getting closer and closer. I thought maybe it was a tornado siren but I didn't get up to check it out. Dad told me the cops went to the house behind ours for some reason. My thought is that the neighbors who were bugging me may have called because they had a fire burning their leaves and it was still smoldering a bit. I am unsure at this point.
On a good note, I did get most of the yard cleaned out yesterday. The high temperature for today is 71 so I am going to do homework while it is still chilly and then I may work out there some more. =] My face is a tad sunburned.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Early... maybe too early

I am awake. I have been up since 5:30 and I watched the Royal Wedding. It felt like it lasted forever but it was nice. I actually thought I was going to cry but it didn't happen. I am trying to make some more slideshows today that are edited nicely. =]

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

False worry

It didn't storm yesterday. it is supposed to today which i do not like at all. I have been up for almost 2 hours and it isn't even 9 a.m. yet. I have already gotten some vaccuming done and now i need to do some laundry. I dislike laundry when it rains because of the threat of no power.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i hate rain

there has been a threat of bad weather all day but it has only rained a little bit. I have already posted to the discussion boards and I will be reading my chapters later today. I think I have 4 assignments this week plus 2 tests. I still don't know how i did on the written portion of my test yesterday.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I got an 80% so far on my test. I say that because there was 1 question that was a written answer worth 2 points but so far, 20/25!
I was so worried that I wasn't going to do well because i was confused about specific parts of the chapter but I am all good now. Also, homework is in and I posted 2 times to the DT's.
Now 2 chapters this week.
Oh, got a letter about having to pay back my student loans but dad says not to worry. idk what to think.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gardening & the wind

Levi & Cass came home last night. I have already gotten in a fight with him. He was just going at me about school & life after it and stuff. I mean, I understand that I need to get a job and figure stuff out but its just hard. I may have to start paying my student loans back already which is really frustrating.
We worked out in the side yard and cleaned out some flower beds.
I have painted my nails and such today. I still need to get other parts of my outfit around and I may do another workout tonight because I may not have much time tomorrow.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Full of stress

i am so sick of chapter 11 already. I read through 11.6 all the way through 7 then looked at the vocabulary words. I am going to be going through the other 4 sections again and writing more in depth notes. Biology has never been my strong suit. I have to kick butt in it though or I am in deep crap.
the Social Network wasn't that great AT ALL. I don't know if I think this because I am not a fan of Jesse Eisenberg or for some other reason. Maybe I am just too stressed to enjoy anything else.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

busy days ahead

i am editing videos and doing homework today. We are getting The social Network tonight and we may get The Kings Speech by Saturday.
I only have 1 chapter this week so I have to do really well. Today i plan on:
read chapter 11
look over assignment 1

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cleaning machine

I have found that cleaning is my way of procrastination. Our house really needs it though so it is beneficial. I still need to do as follows for school:
complete assignment 3

it does look like a lot but DT's won't take long and the tests are only 45 mins a piece I think. 20 questions in all so thats not bad. I thought I did better on my homework last week than I did but 60% of our grade is tests so I am really focusing on them. Also, it is important to focus on DT's because they are easy points.
I just checked and I have a 75%. to me that is unacceptable. I am so frustrated it is crazy./
I have started working out though, I worked out Saturday and Sunday. I have yet to for today but I will as soon as I complete my Dt's & homework.
10:18 a.m.
All Dt's & Assignments are complete. I am going to clean up the house some more. my room needs some work.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some not so good news

My GPA is below a 2.0 so I can't get finacial aid unless I appeal. I never thought this would happen. However, my GPA is 1.923.
So close yet so far!
Working on schoolwork all day most liekly. I think it is raining today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I didn't realize

it has been 4 days since i last posted. Not much has happened. I have to post in my DTs today and Saturday, I will post Sunday to be safe making sure i get enough in. I completed 1 assignment and now have 2 to go. My first assignment is almost complete. assignment 3 is kinda confusing so I may put it off until tomorrow.
I haven't specifically journaled but i am still working on poems. I also count bio-notes as my writing for the day since they are so long sometimes. plus i rewrite them a few times sometimes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trying to be productive.

I took 2 of the tests yesterday so I only have one left. Here is my list for today:
Homework #3
I already finished the 3rd assignment. So now I only have DT's & the test to do. when it comes to stuff around the house, I have already taken care of dishes in the dishwasher. there are some in the other drainer I need to take care of.
Had a panic attack trying to get in thde shower this morning. I think i just wasn't awake enough yet.
Back to schoolwork & housework i go!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Figured some things out!

I figured out how to use my sock loom. it takes a very long time. I think I have done about 5 rows but I have barely used any. I think i am going to work on hats today. One crappy thing is that I can't find any of my old hooks.
Yesterday, my dads co worker was supposed to come get the water bed but she didn't show up. I hope she does today so we can get it out of the big room. I am going to spend some time in there today cleaning up my stuff.That leads me to another organizing/year sale tip:
If you are going to have one, find a large space in your house where you can sort out everything you want to sell. thankfully the big room is full of stuff we don't use so all i had to do was get boxes and sort things into them.
Mom wants to check with people to see if they want some of the big furniture that is up there. She suggested burning an old couch we have up there. it seems like the best idea because we really don't use it and we are unable to get it downstairs. Plus, this summer it would be nice to have a bonfire that I could see all of my old friends at.
There is also a drawer set of sorts up there than Uncle Mil gave levi that we don't really need to use. she thought maybe aunt Brenda would be interested in it. i hope so just so we can figure out what to do with Levi's stuff.
Another reason why i want to clean up that room is because it is supposed to be about 70 degrees today =]

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day off

I am going to take a day off from studying besides posting discussion topics. =] Mom and I are going to stop at her work and then go get lunch for nana & papa. I don't know how long I am going to stay there but I may take my biology book just in case. =]
Have to fill up my MP3 Player

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now comes the waiting game.

Now I am tortured by sitting and waiting to hear back. it look semi pretty outside although it is still gloomy.
I have been trying to vlog [video blog] but the blog just seems easier because I can see specifically what I have written about. If that makes any sense.
I will begin studying for my permit test soon so that is something fun! [not really]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bugging out

I sent in a resume for a secretary job a few miles from my house and I thought it went through. just to check I called the church this morning and the pastor said it didn't. i sent it to her as a reply to a blank e-mail she sent but if i doesn't go through I am going to be angry.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Discriptive writing

I decided to kind of meditate last night. Alright, it wasn't like me sitting in the same position for an hour but I sat in silence trying to figure some things out. After about 5 minuets, I would go from laying on my back to my stomach and then my right side. it was kinda nice to turn on Soudscapes and just sit there. After each time sitting still for 3-5 minuets, I would write down description of how I felt. Then, I wrote a poem and bout it using descriptive words.
thinking about making copies of my poems and sending them to publishers.... Good Idea?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New computer

Yesterday dad bought a new computer. we now have a HP with Windows 7. I didn't write at all yesterday because I was drained. I was sick in the morning and it took a lot out of me. So BEDA is kinda ruined. :(

Friday, April 1, 2011

What I started last night

Alright, so i watched grey's Anatomy last night & it hit home.... I thought about my car accident and all of that stuff, so I went upstairs and started writing what it is that I remember about it. I didn't get far because i was tired but i think I am just going to write that as much as I can.
Oh, it is BEDA now [blog every day in april] I hope I can keep up but no matter what I will be writing.
I got my first assignment for Bio-102 done. it was an intro thing where we had to go through the sylubus.
On the American History front... I FINISHED MY FINAL PAPER! I checked to see if all of my assignments were in as well which they are. I still need to do my 2 posts for the night but I am going to take my test before Monday.
One thing though is our computer keeps crashing. right now it is on safemode which is helpful but we will be getting a new one soon.
I have to go to the Credit Union tomorrow & withdraw money for dad since I had to pay for my upcoming class.
Anyway, back to studying i go, I may even try to get Bio Homework done =]

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i hope this works

so this is the video i edited from the Saturday I hung out with Aunt Jill.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I didn't write in either journal yesterday. although I edited videos that yall can check out. go to
So i guess I visually journaled, if that makes sense.
I also have been working on my paper/ I have almost 300 more words to write and I don't want to talk in circles...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A endited photo for your enjoyment

I thought today I would share a picture I took and edited with If I can find the original I will post it as well. I enjoy the way this looks.

Here is the original =]

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been up for a while

I am writing this at 10:12 a.m. I have been up since about 7:45. By the time i got downstairs it was 7:55. It's been a rather sad day so far.
I can't say the job my mom does in detail but it has to do with Alzheimer and one of moms clients passed away ;ast night/this morning. She went to go take coffee to her manager of that case. Not only that, but Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She was 79.
I am going to be working on my paper and study guide today but I wanted to add something fun to this. When I do homework I often listen/watch old TV shows I use to watch as a kid thanks to Netflix watch instantly. Some of them include:
I use to watch regular busytown when it was on PBS. I had some of the books until we had the yard sale. This also brings up a good point. I want to start giving tips about downsizing on my belongings:
Tip #1: If you have a yard sale, donate the rest of the things that you didn't sell. My point on this is if you were willing to set it out to sell, it must not be something you absolutely need.

The Rugrats: Obvious choice. We didn't watch much Disney as kids. we were all about NICKTOONS! This also brings another tip to my attention:
#2 If you have old computer games, you can recycle them by donating them or using them for crafting.

Madeline was a big deal for me as a kid. =] I still have some of the books and dolls at Nana's. They are some things I will most likely never get rid of.

Rocky and Bullwinkle...
well it was a show I didn't watch much of but is nice to see re-runs.

Anywho, it is time for me to study.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why can't a write a paper about glee?

As with every other week before this one, I have to write a paper. I thought I was finished and I only had to cite my sources but I am about 150 words short. I feel like if you get your point across in a smaller amount of words, the teacher should be happy that the paper isn't super long. I just don't want to talk in circles. When papers have a word count and i don't meet it, I often do that.
What is the point of the title you ask? Well, tomorrow is Tuesday which as many know is the night in which I sit in front of my TV and proceed to sing & dance along with Glee... Now, If I had to write a paper about Glee, it would be utterly AMAZING! [keep dreaming kid...] <-- that is what I just thought in my head
I know I should be writing my paper or taking my tests but the anti-virus program is running so it slows things down. i do not enjoy that word... slow... bah slow! At 2:09 it is at 28% precent complete... Plus, I should finish filling out my study giude. I have been trying to be on the computer less and watch less TV but I enjoy noise behind me when I do things.
However, I have been cleaning and doing, well, what I am supposed to which keeps me active.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

working my butt off

i have been working so hard at school this term but it doesn't seem to be paying off. I have been getting really good grades on papers but my test scores have been really low. Not lower than 50% though which is good. I have to write a paper this week.
750+ words
at least 2 outside sources
easy enough.
as I have told you before, I have been journaling every day. I actually misplaced the pad of paper I was writing in a few days ago. I usually rip my journals out of a regular school ruled pad of paper. I haven't checked to see if it is in my most recent binder. I usually put my papers in a binder to keep them somewhat condensed. All of my binders are getting full so I have to find something to put them all in. They were in a smaller bin before but it was almost full as of the first day of this year so I transferred them to these binders. I have also written down all of the music I won which took up a few partially used notebooks.
So this week besides my paper here are my assignments and goals
Chapter 10 & 11
Study guide
dye hair [hopefully. my dye was discontined so I wrote down another for dad to get for me]

Oh... happy Fat Tuesday! I hope dad gets me a punchki but they are seriously 2,000 callories a peice.
I have been trying to eat a bit healthier than usual. Last night, I did have some ice cream though.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Covers & Crafts

I haven't been super productive but I have worked on a simple 12x12 album. I haven't even had to glue the layouts down. glued down some pictures. I am trying to make into a summer album. Once i finish Anna's small album, I will put some pictures of her firat birthday in there. I have to find out how to unlock my SD card because it has pictures from Drakes & Cortanas birthday last year.
While I take a break from that, I am going to look up a few things & start reading my chapters so I can write my paper.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I passed!

By the skin of my teeth I passed Microeconomics! Now, i am taking a history class that is pretty easy. The instructor is very helpful and I pretty much love it! I am not usually a history buff but for some reason, I have learned to love it. Maybe its because in high school, my history class was super easy.
One thing I remember about it though was in the last few months of school, I got sick often, I am not sure why, maybe nerves about growing up and such, but one day I got really sick and told my teacher I had to go to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I called my mom who told me to go to the office to call her. When I came back, I got yelled at beyond belif and felt really dumb, since I was in a class with freshman and sophomores. My mom had to e-mail that teacher and tell her what was going on and I ended up getting an apology from the teacher but still, that moment for me was worse than all of the "hazing" i got from other students. I literally sat in my moms car and cried.
I do not enjoy using my heart condition and epilepsy as a crutch but in school, sometimes, to take precautions, i needed to. I know one thing I kind of wanted to do back in school was be a motivational speaker for kids who had those issues and Cerebral Palsey. I was diagnosed with a mild form after my heart surgery as a baby. I also tried on to use it as a crutch either. I was thinking maybe of contacting some magazines and seeing if I could write little articles for them... maybe. if nothing else, I could keep kinda a separate journal for my experiences growing up pertaining to all of these issues.

Friday, February 4, 2011

still writing i promise

School has been hectic this week. my Microeconomics teacher allowed me to turn in late assignments. I don't know how he will grade them but one point is better than none.
I also had to make sure my composition teacher put my evaluation paper grade in the gradebook. I still have a F in Micro but I have a C in Composition. I have to finish my research paper and my smaller final paper. For micro, I have to write a paper by Monday so hopefully i'll get going on it. it is just somewhat difficult.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

hot chocolate

hot coco is amazing! I am only going to be here until Sunday because Aunt Jill has to work Monday. We both went to bed semi early. The phone rang at about 11:30 or so and someone asked for Leslie. I just turned the phone off.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I wish I was warn

The heater still isn't working. the new one is here but not put in yet. it is actually a hearter air conditioner unit. So I am going to go to Aunt Jills this weekend. The heat issue won't be fixed until Monday.... grrrr

Thursday, January 27, 2011

So cold....

Alright, I have journaled every day pen to paper for 27 days.... holy monkeys! well will be 27 days today.
Bad news: our fernas died.... so right now it is very cold sitting in here typing. I am going to try to keep busy and we have a fire going constantly in the fireplace. I couldn't sleep because it got cold again and I have to bring in wood from outside so I typed up my homework for this week. all i need to do homework wise now is fix all of my papers.

Monday, January 10, 2011

been crazy busy

Sorry i haven't posted here. One fun thing though, I have been journaling every day. I am trying to use up as many of my small journals as possible. I feel like no one writes with a pencil and paper anymore. I am been averaging a page and a half a day which is nice.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New blog

I have decided I am going to write every day this year. weather it be on here on puting pencil to paper.
I am at aunt Jill's right ow and will be until tomorrow morning. We did I crazy amount of stuff yesterday in a very short amount of time.
We went to Target and Michaels as well as CVS. We had Qudoba for lunch. we were back home by 1:30. from that point on, I got a bit restless. I posted to my message boards, worked on some homework, made cupcakes in my mini cupcake maker, colored [yes i still color], and then we had dinner. Aunt Jill made Mexican Lasagna. I think we may have that for lunch today and then have taco bell or something for dinner.
Right now I am watching SNL the best of Alec Baldwin and I also have a movie playing. Trying to multitask is fun... oh boy.