Thursday, June 23, 2011

RW/RR Challenge: RIVALS Results EP1 [Welcome To The Jungle]

So... last night was the first night of the new Challenge on MTV. Everyone is paired up with rivals and here are the pairings:

Mandi & Jenn
Paula & Ev
Teresa & Camilla
Annesa & Robin
Cara Maria & Laurel
Sarah & Katelynn
Jonna & Jasmine

Now here is the girls recap:
It was girls elimination challenge and they had to jump off of a platform and clear ribbons above a waterfall. Av few DQed. They had to jump before a specific line or they would DQ. From the girls side, Jonna & jasmine won. Paula & Ev were automatically sent to elimination. They would vote on the other pair at deliberation.

The Guys are paired up As follows:

Adam & CT
Johnny & Tyler
Nehemiah & Evan
Davis & Tyrie
Adam R & Leroy
Wes & Kenny
Ty & Brandon

At the challenge, Adam & Leroy won. They each got a thousand dollars a piece because it was girls elimination. After the challenge, Ty & Adam got in a fight and chaos ensued. Adam threw a punch and Mandi was pushed to the ground. Adam was eliminated but Leroy got to stay. before the elimination began, they brought back Mike from Leroy's season to be his partner.

The elimination was called Hands On. They had to balance eachother using their hands as the plank they stood on moved every so often. As the gap became larger, it was more and more painful and difficult to hold on. Aneesa & Robin were eliminated which made Paula & Ev victorious.

This season looks interesting. I am pumped about the concept. Also, I am thankful that TJ Lavin [the host] is okay after a BMX accident. I love to watch the drama unfold and plan on doing these recaps weekly. They may not always be the day after the show airs but I will attempt to keep on track and post them Thursdays

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