Monday, April 18, 2011

Cleaning machine

I have found that cleaning is my way of procrastination. Our house really needs it though so it is beneficial. I still need to do as follows for school:
complete assignment 3

it does look like a lot but DT's won't take long and the tests are only 45 mins a piece I think. 20 questions in all so thats not bad. I thought I did better on my homework last week than I did but 60% of our grade is tests so I am really focusing on them. Also, it is important to focus on DT's because they are easy points.
I just checked and I have a 75%. to me that is unacceptable. I am so frustrated it is crazy./
I have started working out though, I worked out Saturday and Sunday. I have yet to for today but I will as soon as I complete my Dt's & homework.
10:18 a.m.
All Dt's & Assignments are complete. I am going to clean up the house some more. my room needs some work.

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  1. You're doing fabulously especially considering it's Monday!!! Keep up the good work.