Friday, April 1, 2011

What I started last night

Alright, so i watched grey's Anatomy last night & it hit home.... I thought about my car accident and all of that stuff, so I went upstairs and started writing what it is that I remember about it. I didn't get far because i was tired but i think I am just going to write that as much as I can.
Oh, it is BEDA now [blog every day in april] I hope I can keep up but no matter what I will be writing.
I got my first assignment for Bio-102 done. it was an intro thing where we had to go through the sylubus.
On the American History front... I FINISHED MY FINAL PAPER! I checked to see if all of my assignments were in as well which they are. I still need to do my 2 posts for the night but I am going to take my test before Monday.
One thing though is our computer keeps crashing. right now it is on safemode which is helpful but we will be getting a new one soon.
I have to go to the Credit Union tomorrow & withdraw money for dad since I had to pay for my upcoming class.
Anyway, back to studying i go, I may even try to get Bio Homework done =]

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