Thursday, December 16, 2010

8 Crazy Nights

I am still working on moms gift. Me and dad got in a fight last night. I was so confused about homework I just got really frustrated and took it out on him. He may get sent home from work because they don't want to pay him overtime [he is a mail carrier]. I guess tonight we are going to grandmas to give Cortana her gifts. I just want everything to go alright today.
Josh's mom may not come to the show with us. She got in a car accident a few weeks ago so if she doesn't feel up to it, his grandma is going to come.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Working Hard Or Hardly Working

i have decided I am going to do something else for mom for Christmas. I am going to take all of her photos and make them into slideshows and just put them in her video folder on the computer. that way, she has them in another format all put together nicely. I am not going to get too fancy editing becuase she likes things simple. Plus, if her friends see the photos in that format they may want prints.
The first one is compressing right now. it is almost 26 mins long but I think i did a good job. =]

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day off

Oh jeeze. I have a day off kinda. I took all of my tests yesterday so my day is kinda free. I am still going to be busy. Another list is to follow:
type up homework for Composition 2
clean room
write out list of gifts
find pictures
redo Aunt Sandy and Autumns gifts

oh boy...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

This time of year

For us here in our household, Christmas time gets super busy. There just seems like so much is happening. [prepare for another few lists, i seem to like them lately.]
Dad: gets home from work late because of all of the packages. [he's a postal worker] pro though: gifts from customers.
Levi: Coming home with Cass for Christmas
Cass: See above! [and they have cats now so I am an aunt to fuzzy little things]
Mom: Working crazy hours
Leah a.k.a. me: Has to put up tree [although dad most likely will.]

Now for the list of people I have to buy for
Aunt Jill
That is just the list I get for now that we draw names on moms side and don't get any for anyone but the kids on dads side.
Nana and Grandma are bold because I have about half of their gift. We got them frames and I have to find pictures to put in them.