Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been up for a while

I am writing this at 10:12 a.m. I have been up since about 7:45. By the time i got downstairs it was 7:55. It's been a rather sad day so far.
I can't say the job my mom does in detail but it has to do with Alzheimer and one of moms clients passed away ;ast night/this morning. She went to go take coffee to her manager of that case. Not only that, but Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She was 79.
I am going to be working on my paper and study guide today but I wanted to add something fun to this. When I do homework I often listen/watch old TV shows I use to watch as a kid thanks to Netflix watch instantly. Some of them include:
I use to watch regular busytown when it was on PBS. I had some of the books until we had the yard sale. This also brings up a good point. I want to start giving tips about downsizing on my belongings:
Tip #1: If you have a yard sale, donate the rest of the things that you didn't sell. My point on this is if you were willing to set it out to sell, it must not be something you absolutely need.

The Rugrats: Obvious choice. We didn't watch much Disney as kids. we were all about NICKTOONS! This also brings another tip to my attention:
#2 If you have old computer games, you can recycle them by donating them or using them for crafting.

Madeline was a big deal for me as a kid. =] I still have some of the books and dolls at Nana's. They are some things I will most likely never get rid of.

Rocky and Bullwinkle...
well it was a show I didn't watch much of but is nice to see re-runs.

Anywho, it is time for me to study.


  1. It's always fun to read what you're up to. I need all the tips I can get regarding getting rid of my excess stuff!! We're hoping to have the ambition to have a rummage sale in a few weeks.

  2. I had my garage sale last summer and I got rid of a bunch of stuff. all i have left are 4 storage bins of stuff plus whats in my room.