Sunday, April 10, 2011

Figured some things out!

I figured out how to use my sock loom. it takes a very long time. I think I have done about 5 rows but I have barely used any. I think i am going to work on hats today. One crappy thing is that I can't find any of my old hooks.
Yesterday, my dads co worker was supposed to come get the water bed but she didn't show up. I hope she does today so we can get it out of the big room. I am going to spend some time in there today cleaning up my stuff.That leads me to another organizing/year sale tip:
If you are going to have one, find a large space in your house where you can sort out everything you want to sell. thankfully the big room is full of stuff we don't use so all i had to do was get boxes and sort things into them.
Mom wants to check with people to see if they want some of the big furniture that is up there. She suggested burning an old couch we have up there. it seems like the best idea because we really don't use it and we are unable to get it downstairs. Plus, this summer it would be nice to have a bonfire that I could see all of my old friends at.
There is also a drawer set of sorts up there than Uncle Mil gave levi that we don't really need to use. she thought maybe aunt Brenda would be interested in it. i hope so just so we can figure out what to do with Levi's stuff.
Another reason why i want to clean up that room is because it is supposed to be about 70 degrees today =]


  1. Good for you. You're getting a great deal done--major projects. We're getting ready for a rummage sale. I've been making lots and lots of trips downstairs to the basement and out to the garage.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment for me. I usually try to email people to respond to comments, but I didn't have your address.

    I can't wait to see your socks. My mother-in-law knows a woman who started out with one and now has a room full of automated looms. Now she sells socks for a living!