Monday, March 14, 2011

Why can't a write a paper about glee?

As with every other week before this one, I have to write a paper. I thought I was finished and I only had to cite my sources but I am about 150 words short. I feel like if you get your point across in a smaller amount of words, the teacher should be happy that the paper isn't super long. I just don't want to talk in circles. When papers have a word count and i don't meet it, I often do that.
What is the point of the title you ask? Well, tomorrow is Tuesday which as many know is the night in which I sit in front of my TV and proceed to sing & dance along with Glee... Now, If I had to write a paper about Glee, it would be utterly AMAZING! [keep dreaming kid...] <-- that is what I just thought in my head
I know I should be writing my paper or taking my tests but the anti-virus program is running so it slows things down. i do not enjoy that word... slow... bah slow! At 2:09 it is at 28% precent complete... Plus, I should finish filling out my study giude. I have been trying to be on the computer less and watch less TV but I enjoy noise behind me when I do things.
However, I have been cleaning and doing, well, what I am supposed to which keeps me active.

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  1. I've been away on vacation, thus my belated comment. You're so right. It's fun to write about things that we love. Otherwise, it can be just plain work.

    I hope your days are filled with glee.