Sunday, July 3, 2011

RW/RR Challenge: RIVALS Results EP2 [Through The Looking Glass]

Previously, Robin and Aneesa were eliminated, this week will be a boys challenge. As the rules state, the guys who come in last will be sent to The Jungle.
House goings on include partying and Tyree and Jasmine hooking up. Tyler was mad because two of his Magnums were gone. [btw he said he was the only guy who brought condoms... umm don't the other guys know how challenges go? I mean, most of them hook up with someone at some point...]
Clue from TJ reads: Be prepared ofr a smashing good time tomorrow. Be ready at 8:30 a.m. in your team uniforms.

Then they make fun of Mike :( [i love Mike... just sayin']

Challenge is called: Car Crusher
Objective: Drag car from where it is parked with a trac-ho and don't go outside of boundries or pick up car. Also, do not tip the cross bar the car has to go under over on top of car.

Jonna & Jasmine pick order

Tyler & Johnny vs Brandon & Ty: Tyler & Johnny finish and brandon & Ty DQed for picking up the car

Camila & Teresa vs. Mandi & Jen: Camila & Teresa finish and Mandi & Jen go out of bounds to DQ

Wes & Kenny vs. Evan & Neiamiah: Wes & Kenny DQ & Evan & Neiahmia complete

Jonna & Jasmine vs. Sara & Katelynn: Both DQ

Tyrie & Davis vs. CT & Adam: both complete

Ev & Paula vs. Cara Maria & Laurel: Ev & Paula finish Cara Maria & Laurel DQ

Leroy & Mike: Complete

Ev & Paula win for girls: 1,000 dollars a piece
CT & Adam safe

Wes & Kenny vs. Tyrie & Davis in jungle.

Jonna & Jasmine fight with Camila. Jasmine punches a mirror

Jungle: Blast Off
Tyrie & Davis lose.

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