Tuesday, May 31, 2011


since so much is going on, I will put everything in list for by the day
  1. Grandma fell and broke her leg.
  2. Went to see her and she was restless in a lot of pain
  1. Went to see grandma and she had surgery.
  2. took her a while to come out of it
  3. we were up there for 8 hours or so
  4. Nikki went into labor
  1. Nikki had Gideon
  2. I stayed home
  3. Dad went and saw grandma. She was alert
  4. was supposed to babysit, got rained out
  1. Called grandma, was in high spirits
  2. went to brian and Heidi's [earned 20 dollars]
  3. the 1 & a half year old got sick
  4. campfire
Monday: [yesterday]
  1. Went to great grandma & grandpas grave sites
  2. dad planted flowers at grave
  3. hospital visit for a few hours
  4. saw nana & papa
  5. drove home [went semi okay]
3 tests: 72% 80% 48%
Tuesday: [today so far]
  1. hung up clothes
  2. Dts
  3. dishes
  4. talked to mom
  5. counted change
still need to:
  1. read 3 chapters
  2. talk to teacher about speeches
  3. a few more loads of laundry
  4. clean room

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