Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inconciderate Children

... annoy me. I was out working in the yard yesterday and recording for my video blog and the boys next door climbed onto their side of the fence and started saying things. it wasn't what they said that bugged me but it was the fact that they felt they could look over in our yard and just keep going on and on.
My point is, if it was mom or dad working in the yard, it wouldn't have happened. I understand that they are little but you would expect parents to teach their children some sort of consideration. If my brother and i would have done something like that, my parents would have flipped and made us go apologize.
Also, last night, I heard sirens and they kept getting closer and closer. I thought maybe it was a tornado siren but I didn't get up to check it out. Dad told me the cops went to the house behind ours for some reason. My thought is that the neighbors who were bugging me may have called because they had a fire burning their leaves and it was still smoldering a bit. I am unsure at this point.
On a good note, I did get most of the yard cleaned out yesterday. The high temperature for today is 71 so I am going to do homework while it is still chilly and then I may work out there some more. =] My face is a tad sunburned.

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  1. I'm glad you're getting fresh air and sunshine after our long, cold winter.