Sunday, February 20, 2011

I passed!

By the skin of my teeth I passed Microeconomics! Now, i am taking a history class that is pretty easy. The instructor is very helpful and I pretty much love it! I am not usually a history buff but for some reason, I have learned to love it. Maybe its because in high school, my history class was super easy.
One thing I remember about it though was in the last few months of school, I got sick often, I am not sure why, maybe nerves about growing up and such, but one day I got really sick and told my teacher I had to go to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I called my mom who told me to go to the office to call her. When I came back, I got yelled at beyond belif and felt really dumb, since I was in a class with freshman and sophomores. My mom had to e-mail that teacher and tell her what was going on and I ended up getting an apology from the teacher but still, that moment for me was worse than all of the "hazing" i got from other students. I literally sat in my moms car and cried.
I do not enjoy using my heart condition and epilepsy as a crutch but in school, sometimes, to take precautions, i needed to. I know one thing I kind of wanted to do back in school was be a motivational speaker for kids who had those issues and Cerebral Palsey. I was diagnosed with a mild form after my heart surgery as a baby. I also tried on to use it as a crutch either. I was thinking maybe of contacting some magazines and seeing if I could write little articles for them... maybe. if nothing else, I could keep kinda a separate journal for my experiences growing up pertaining to all of these issues.

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  1. Congratulations on passing Microeconomics. You are awesome, my friend.

    You have had several challenges to deal with and I'm proud of the way you've coped with them.

    Have a great week!