Friday, November 5, 2010

Still waiting

I am so nervous. I didn't get a call yesterday. If I don't get a call by 1 p.m. i am going to give them a follow up call. They did let me know that they will be hiring again soon before I left to go see mom yesterday. I called Aunt Sharon yesterday to have her set some pants and belts aside for me. No matter what, I need to get some new pants and stuff for interviews or work.
Dad told me that we have a mouse.i guess it was roaming around last night. I don't want to run across it. I hope he gets some sort of trap or something today. I mean, I hate the poison stuff because i always have to sweep up the rest but I have mice.... That is one thing I hate about living in the country.

1 comment:

  1. I'm praying that you get a call very soon. If this is the job for you, you'll get a call. If it's not, then you'll just look for another one to apply for. You'll find a job when you're supposed to find one.

    Best wishes to you.