Thursday, November 4, 2010

It went...

It went well. Mom dropped me off at 8 a.m. even though my interview was at 9. I walked in and asked if I had to fill anything out. The guy I talked to on the phone was there so we did my interview then. I was done by about 8:20. We covered a lot of stuff. I got a ride from the other manager to meet mom at the elementary school. She helps with Kindergartners 2 times a week. I helped out until we had to leave at 10. They were cute kids.
After we came home I did some homework and now I am just updating yall. I am most likely going to take a break from homework to write a bit but I hope to have all of my homework finished by tomorrow night.


  1. I'm glad your interview went well. The fact that you got there early impressed them I'm sure.

    Feel good about what you accomplished already today.

    Helping with the little kids was probably just what you needed after your interview!

    I hope you can write a bit this evening.