Friday, October 22, 2010

I love downtime

Not like I should really have any... I am just taking a few seconds to write something here quickly. I have been super busy with school, crafts, reading, writing, and planning the trip to see Levi and Cass this weekend. It's only going to be about 24 hours but its all good. I am so excited!
When dad comes home tonight, I will have to help dad put the coffee table and chair in the van. I will most likely put my big bag in the car and save toiletries for the morning. Cass called last night and asked what kind of cake i wanted. I'm not really picky but she wanted specifics. So as far as i know, I am getting a funfetti cake with vanilla frosting. I was wondering why she called though, I just feel like my brother should know what kind of cake i like.
School is making me go nuts. I am just wishing that I had more chapters to read so i didn't have to be in front of the computer all of the time. The teacher isn't very helpful but I have talked to a few of my classmates which is nice.
It is freezing in Michigan but we are trying not to use the heat much. especially since the heat just rises to the second floor. Most of the time when I am home alone, I don't go up there. my hands do get cold easily so here I sit in my warm hoodie and pj pants.
I am in pjs because im not gonna go anywhere tonight. I have to get everything on my list done and maybe a few extra things.
yay for trip this weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you're going away if only for 24 hours. It'll be good for you and fun as well.

    I dress warm so we don't have to turn the heat on. We try to make it until November before we turn on the furnace. So far, so good.

    Have a great time away and again, Happy Birthday.

  2. Sorry to stop in again. My webpage isn't letting me sign in. If I go to another blogspot blog and post a comment, then I'm asked for my e-mail and password and I'm signed in. Go figure!! That's for letting me us your blog as a stepping stone.