Monday, February 1, 2010

Books Books Books

Hey all!
I'm back!
But it's not like I actually go anywhere.... anyways... I have something to tell you all!
I am getting rid of books. -sad face-
They are books of many sorts....
here is a list:
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4-Sue Townsend
Message in A Bottle-Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook-Nicholas Sparks
Dancing with the stars-Guy Pillips
Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul-Various
People Yearbook: 2005
The Lost Boy-Dave Pelzer
A Child Called It-Dave Pelzer
Trading Spaces: Behind the scenes-TLC
A Rasin In The Sun-Lorraine Hansberry
Pryor Convictions and other life sentances-Richard Pryor
The Jane Austen Book Club-Karen Joy Fowler
The Purpose driven life-rick warren
301 Stylish Storage Ideas-better homes and gardens
Ty's Tricks-Ty pennigton
the uncensored confessions-Nina Malkin
Thing skin-emma forrest
The OC: Cohen-Aury Wallington
LA Candy-Lauren Conrad
Frankenstein-Mary Shelley
Peter Pan-J.M.Barrie
Multiple Bles8ings-Jon and Kate Gosselin
Death of a Salesman-Aurtur Miller
Streams to the river, River to the Sea-Scott O'Dell
Mary Poppins Series- P.L. Travers
On Course 5th edition-Skip Downing
E-Learning Companion-Ryan Watkins Michael Corry
Writers Resources-Julie Robitaille Robert Connelly
Some of these are hard cover and some are not. If they are hard cover, they will have the dust covers on them and I will tape them to the book somehow so the cover won't come off while shipping. I am not looking to be paid for this besides shipping. Send me a comment or go to my YouTube account and send me a message. My youtube is:
send me a message there

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  1. Oh boy! I will have to check this out when I get my computer back!