Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Drama

I am now going to turn this blog into an entertainment news blog. There are a few things I would like to write about first. A lot of thses will have to be news based on things that interest me. One of my favorite shows over the past few years has been Jon & Kate Plus 8.
If you haven't seen the show here is a synopsis. Jon and Kate were unable to become pregnant so they had fertility treatments so she could get pregnant. The first time she was Pregnant with twins, Mady and Cara. They were born on October 8, 2000. A few years later, Kate had the same thing done and wanted one baby but got 6, Alexis, Hannah,Aaden,Collin,Leah, and Joel. They wanted to document a few years of the kids life so they would remember but it turned into a show.
Lately, they have been having marital issues and are on the front of all of the tabloids lately. I was watching a clip yesterday from the Early show and I saw her brother Kevin & sister in law Jodi talking about how the kids are being exploited... well hello!!! what do you think they are doing?

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