Thursday, April 2, 2009

Building a Mystery

I decided that I was going to write about my musical taste[s]. I was brought up in a house where I listened to everything from Ben Harper to whatever was on pop radio. I am a 90's kid so sometimes I go back to listening to some old school kick ass boy bands. The Backstreet Boys were my favorite. I still like there stuff. I mellows me out kind of.
There are some sites I go on to listen to music and one of my favorites is, it is basically like a more kick ass version of yahoo radio. You can type in any artist you like & it will play their music plus music that has the same qualities as the band you selected. Right now, I have six stations. You can also mix all of the stations together for a "Quick Mix." I have stations ranging from Dar Williams to Katy Perry to Musicals.
I have just gotten into musicals lately. I think half of my CD collection at this point is musicals. As well as my DVD collection. My favorite musical is RENT of course but my next favorite is Avenue Q. I think when it comes to CD's I myself own about 300 or more.

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